Brief Introduction of PHE International Painting and Calligraphy Meeting for Youth

PHE International Painting and Calligraphy Meeting for Youth is a large international public welfare brand activity on art education, which takes PEACE, HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT (PHE for short), the focus of the whole world, as the theme£¬children and adolescents as the object and the art as the contents.

It includes contest, exhibition, meeting, forum, summer camp and fun-adding art performance. Not only could it reflect the spirits of the youth at home and abroad from multi-angles and all-dimensions, but it undertakes to guide and promote children and adolescents art education with justice, authority and responsibility and endows art education with a newer, more extensive and more positive social meaning.

With the care and support of people from all sectors of the society since it started, dozens of units such as China Art Education Promotion Council, China Education Television, Chinese Fine Arts Publishing House, Chinese Culture Promotion Society, and Baiyin Municipal People's Government have sponsored its activities and dozens of units such as China National Academy of Painting and the National Art Museum of China have participated in undertaking its activities. Under the efforts of all colleagues of its organizing committee, a series of fruitful activities has been organized by integrating various resources, a strong response evoked at home and abroad. It got the positive response and enthusiastic support from the teachers and students throughout the country, and widespread praise from all sectors of society. Now, it is known as a big international art education event that is with “correct guidance, formalized operation, grand scale and far-reaching impacts”.

UNESCO, UNICEF, foreign diplomats of a number of countries in China, and senior experts at home and abroad have participated in such activities in person for many times, and left their praising words in inscription. Three UN Secretary Generals, Presidents of more than 20 countries, over ten domestic national leaders, international important leaders (inclusive of more than two hundred diplomats), and many senior experts at home and abroad and of international organizations (UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.) support this event through a variety of forms. Under the guidance of the founder Mr. Chen Shibin, a famous artist, nearly 100 top artists at home and abroad have participated in its reviews and related activities for more than a decade; nearly twenty thousand tutors have been involved and works of over more than one million children and adolescents in total have participated the contest. Great achievement has been made.