The Founder of PHE

Chen Shibin was born in 1965 in Sichuan Province. Currently, he is, among other titles, Curator of Dadaotang Gallery, Chairman of PHE International Painting and Calligraphy Meeting for Youth, Vice Chairman of Bashu Art School Promotion Association, Standing Director of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China), Deputy Secretary-General of the Central State Organ Calligraphers Association, Vice President of the Poetry, Calligraphy & Painting Institute of the Daily History Editorial Committee of the Peoples Republic of China, Vice Chairman of Peking University Art Capital Association, Director of
China Association of Collectors and President of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Institute.

In May 2008, the “Gateless — Chen Shibin Calligraphy and Painting Art Exhibition” aroused widespread attentions in the Art Gallery of Chinese National Academy of Painting in the academic circles; In April 2013, his personal gallery - Dadaotang Gallery Chen Shibin Art Museum was opened grandly in Beijing; at the same time, “Dadao Trip — Chen Shibin Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition” was held. In October 2013, the “Dadao Trip, Chen Shibin Painting and Calligraphy World Tour, Special for Louvre Palace” was successfully held in France. Since his first personal painting exhibition at the age of nineteen, Mr. Chen has planned and organized dozens of painting and calligraphy activities both at home and abroad, with painting and calligraphy masters, children and adolescents involved. He has established an aesthetic education brand activity with international influences — PHE International Painting and Calligraphy Meeting for Youth and was praised as “An Extraordinary Talent in Bashu” in both calligraphy and painting.

The Messenger of Peace of PHE

Reputed as “the Messenger of Peace”, “the Folk Messenger of China”, and “the Genius Diplomat” by the community, and the “U.N. Man” by representative of U.N. in China, Mr. Liu Ansheng has been devoted himself to the peace of the world by upholding the philosophy of “peace, health and environment”, winning profound influence both at home and abroad.

Promotion Ambassador of PHE

Philip, the famous French artist, composer and singer of the song of PHE International Painting and Calligraphy Meeting for Youth, International Promotion Ambassador of PHE.